Watt Power Ltd is an independent developer of power generation assets in the UK.  The company's primary focus is the development of a portfolio of small, flexible gas-fired power stations with low emission levels. They are designed to meet the UK Government’s energy policy objectives of security of supply and affordability and will support  the country's transition to a low carbon economy.

Gas is affordable, reliable and flexible and is acknowledged by the UK Government as having an essential role to play in supporting the country’s drive to a low carbon economy.

Watt Power currently has four 299MW gas fired projects being brought forward through development and consenting phases. They are Progress Power Ltd at Eye Airfield in Suffolk (www.progresspower.co.uk), Hirwaun Power Ltd at Hirwaun in South Wales (www.hirwaunpower.co.uk), Abergelli Power Ltd at Abergelli Farm south of Felindre, South Wales (www.abergellipower.co.uk), and Millbrook Power on Rookery South Pit, near the villages of Stewartby, Millbrook and Marston Moretaine in Bedfordshire (www.millbrookpower.co.uk). In addition, Prime Energy (www.primeenergyltd.co.uk) is a development of a portfolio of smaller distributed generation projects across England and Wales as a complement to the grid connected peaking projects.

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January 6th, 2016 Watt Power's two consented 299MW gas-fired generation projects (in Suffolk and in south Wales) did not secure contracts in read more...
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